Maureen Colquhoun, the UK's first openly lesbian MP, dies aged 92

Figcaption Maureen Colquhoun The UKs First Openly Lesbian MP Dies Aged
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Tributes have been paid to Maureen Colquhoun, the UK’s first openly lesbian MP, who has died at the age of 92.

The former Labour politician represented Northampton North until 1979 and was a prominent campaigner on gender balance and protection for sex workers.

After it emerged that she was in a relationship with a woman, her constituency party tried to deselect her as a candidate for the next general election.

Colquhoun’s appeal against the move was upheld, but she lost her seat to a Conservative candidate in 1979. She then went on to work as an assistant to several Labour MPs.

LGBT+ Labour said: “We are truly sorry to hear about the passing of the UK’s first openly lesbian MP, Maureen Colquhoun, who represented Northampton North in the 1970s.

“A champion of women’s rights, she faced a hostile press when she was outed against her will. Her strength will be remembered.”

On the official Twitter account for the House of Commons, a tribute read: “Our thoughts are with friends and family of Maureen Colquhoun, who was the MP for Northampton North from 1974-1979 and the first openly lesbian MP, who has died today.”

The former Labour minister Dame Angela Eagle said: “This is very sad news. Maureen Colquhoun was a feminist pioneer and paved the way for all of us who came after her. RIP.”

Sally Keeble, who served as Labour MP for Northampton North from 1997 to 2010, wrote on Twitter: “So sorry to hear of the passing of Maureen Colquhoun. A short time in Parliament. An indelible mark on public life.

“Labour women have lost a great sister: the world has a woman of dignity, grace and enormous courage.”

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