'I heard the gunshots': mother says she heard gunfire that killed son, Keon Lincoln

Figcaption I Heard The Gunshots Mother Says She Heard Gunfire That Killed Son Keon Lincoln
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The mother of a 15-year-old boy gunned down and stabbed to death in a daylight attack has said she heard the gunshots that killed him.

Keon Lincoln was set upon in the street in Handsworth, Birmingham last Thursday afternoon. Police believe a group of youths were behind the unusually violent attack.

The victim was so young that he was taken to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, where he died.

On Monday his mother Sharmaine Lincoln appealed for information to bring his killers to justice and told of her heartbreak and devastation. She said her son loved his family and friends.

Four youths remain in custody with detectives from West Midlands police trying to determine why Keon was shot and stabbed to death, with a gang motivation being one line of inquiry.

Sharmaine Lincoln said: “I heard the gunshots and my first instinct was ‘where’s my son?’ Those were the first words I said. Then a few minutes went by – I found out that there was somebody up the road and ... it was my boy.

“What he could have done to warrant this type of brutality makes no sense. How do you live after your child’s been taken away from you? It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. He can’t have been taken like this and nobody is punished for it.”

Family friend Pastor Neville Popo said the violence had to stop, condemned what he termed “black on black violence” and added: “It’s not just the Lincoln family that are suffering traumatic pain today, but I would imagine the parents of those who committed the crime will also be devastated by what took place.”

Four youths aged 16, 15 and and two 14-year-olds remain in custody after being arrested in connection with the investigation. Another 14-year-old has been released under investigation.

DCI Alastair Orencas, said: “The answer to this investigation lies in the community. In the 24 years that I’ve been serving in the police service, and I don’t say this lightly, this is the most gratuitous use of violence seeing a combination of knife and gun attack which ultimately killed Keon.

“We know that the nature of this crime, where it involves a young man that has lost his life and young men that have committed the crime, means that the information and intelligence is highly likely to rest with the younger community but also their parents.

“I know it’s not easy to come forward but there is a moral obligation – imagine this was your friend or your son, you’ve got to come forward.”

Orencas added: “There are multiple offenders involved in broad daylight. I simply don’t believe there isn’t information out there that can help me with the inquiry.”

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